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Data Scientist

Prosper Analysis

Desember 2015

  • Did exploratory data analysis of Prosper ( dataset
  • Analyzed features and relationships between them, identified features that explain Prosper Rating
  • Technologies used: R, RStudio, and ggplot

2015 US Flight Performance

Desember 2015

  • The visualization measures the performance of 2015 US Flight based on on-time flights and decreased on cancelled,delay,diverted, etc
  • Second plot measures delay vary based on carrier
  • Technologies used: D3.js, Dimple.js

Enron Fraud Detection

November 2015

  • Identified person of interest in Enron, predicting whether the person is fraud
  • Used numerical features (salary and bonus) and emails (text learning with TFIDF) feed into SVM
  • Technologies used: Python, Scikit-learn, Pandas

Udacity A/B Testing

November 2015

  • Implement A/B Testing to test warning message to prevent non-committed users.
  • Developed as part of Udacity Data Analyst Nanodegree projects.
  • Technologies used: Python and R.

Stroop Experiment

November 2015

  • Draw statistical inference from Stroop experiment
  • Identify whether time it tooks for participants is statistically significant when reading in congruent words and incongruent words.
  • Technologies used: Python, Pandas, and R.

  • Code documentation

NYC Subway

November 2015

  • Looking at NYC Subway data determined if ridership is significantly different in nonĀ­rain periods than in rain periods
  • Used various statistical methods and data visualization to investigate and analyze other features
  • Technologies used: Python, Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, Statmodels, Matplotlib

Wrangling OpenStreetMap

  • Unified street type and phone number in one format
  • Wrangled and cleaned all of the data which based on human input
  • Technologies used: Python and MongoDB.

Campaign Analysis

April 2015

  • Used Statistical Learning with R and ggplot to analyze 2012 US presidential campaign data
  • Used ChiSquare Independence Test to identify relationship between dollar value of contributions and neighborhood
  • Technologies used: R,RStudio,ggplot,Chi-Square Independence Test.

Game Developer


January 2014 - March 2014

iOS | Android

7Langit collaborated with Nestle Indonesia to promote its newest product Smoovlatte, using game as the main campaign. The team consist of iOS Developer, Android Developer, Game Developer, and 2 Designers. Acts as a Game Developer, create and maintain the game part of Smoothlife. Using C++ Cocos2d-X cross-platform for iOS and Android.

MILO Speed Games Series

November 2013 - January 2014

  • Team: 6 people, Android Developer, Game Developer, iOS Developer, and three Designers.
  • 7Langit collaborated with Nestle MILO, creating 9 games competition for 9 consecutive weeks.
  • Box2D(Fluid,Collision Detection), game controller,game update, communicate between games-iOS,games-Android(jni/NDK), implementing graphical objects with physics, parallax, multi-resolution with wide range of various devices( tested 10+),3D physics-like,bicycle physics, particle system, accelerometer, AI, level design.
  • Created 7 out of 9 Games

Karapan Sapi

August 2013 - November 2013

iOS | Android

Using Cocos2d-X C++ engine to create cross-platform mobile games for iOS and Android. This is the first game that 7Langit launched. Act as the only developer, create racing game.

Backend Developer

Java Jazz Festival 2015

January 2015 - February 2015

PT. Java Festival Production collaborated with 7Langit to create mobile apps for its event, Java Jazz Festival 2015. The team consist of 4 team, iOS Developer, Android Developer, Backend Developer, and Designer. As Backend Developer, job responsibility include delivering content from PT. Java Festival Production, schedule, artist info, ticketing to iOS and Android apps. Also responsible for creating database for storing information about users and push notification. Using Python and Google App Engine Framework.

Soundsfair 2014

September 2014 - October 2014

PT. Java Festival Production teamed up with 7Langit to provide its mobile app for the Soundsfair 2014 event. The team consist of iOS Developer, Android Developer, Backend Developer, and Designer. Act as a Backend Developer, using Python Google App Engine to provide data for iOS and Android Developers.


Pathfinding AI System for Robotics

June 2010 - December 2012

Designing and implementing Artificial Inteligence system for Robotics. Using A* algorithm to determine best path for the robot to move from its location to destination. Using WxWidgets C++ to design and the logics of interactive apllication on the system side. Using C AVR for robot's side.